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Technological machines

We try to satisfy the specific requirements of our customers and our team of experts provides support based on individual needs of each customer. From cooperation and consulting in the design of technological machine, to custom production. We manufacture technological machines as complex units or we are able to carry out also partial steps in the production and assembly process. We produce packaging machines, lines for the woodworking industry or complete production of saws for construction.

Construction of machines

The portfolio of our activities includes the construction of machines for various uses. Our design team works in Autodesk Inventor programs. Thanks to extensive experience, we advise customers with the design of structures, mechanisms, machines or automated systems. If the customer provides us with a concept, our design team will develop and make final product according to the customer’s individual needs. Our goal is to guarantee high quality of the final product and satisfied customers. The production of machines and structures, their testing and subsequent optimization is a integral part of our activities.


Recycling, as a process of reusing used materials, reduces the waste of exhaustible resources, reduces the amount of municipal waste that ends up in landfills or incinerators, and at the same time reduces energy consumption, thereby contributing to reducing gas pollution. The complexity of waste treatment requires more than a standard machine. Our experience, together with the technological knowledge of our partners in the field, gives us the opportunity to participate in the production of specific parts of machinery that are used for the collection, sorting and recycling of various materials, how we contribute to the protection of the environment.

Renewable energy

The concept of renewable energy has recently become very popular and the market for renewable energy equipment is growing. We focus on the production of boilers for renowned manufacturers of biomass and especially we produce the cogeneration unit for our sister company Spanner Re2. Biomass boilers are characterized by high efficiency and a relatively good price. Biomass combustion is considered environmentally friendly, which contributes to environmental protection and sustainability.

Filtration systems

Polluted air is a common problem in gastronomic facilities. The smell from frying, cooking and roasting must be extracted and filtered. We provide an efficient and economical solution of these problems by manufacturing filtration systems according to the individual needs and requirements of customers.

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