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About us

Spanner SK, k.s. is a modern engineering company dealing with our own development activities, designing new products, customer production, production of prototypes of machinery and final products.

The company was founded in Slovakia in 2005 in Považská Bystrica. Since 2005, the company has proceeded significant development and transformation into the current state, where it deals with the complex activity of production, sheet metal processing, production of welded assemblies and assembly units, from the design to the final product.

We offer complex services in the field of production based on sheet metal processing, welding and machining. We provide mechanical, pneumatic and electrical assembly of components, completed by a functional test of the machine. We also cover the area of automatization and production of single-purpose machines and equipment, as a part of our service.

The part of our customer production is e.g. construction of machines, production of biomass boilers, heat exchangers, filtration systems, mechanical parts of packaging lines  and also parts of machinery used for the collection, sorting and recycling of various materials.

Spanner SK, k.s. employs highly qualified employees in Považská Bystrica.  Our employees are selected on the base of their professional knowledge and skills. They have been involved in product development in recent years. Own activities in the field of development integrates the company into employers with higher added value in the region. Our benefit is our own modern production space with an area of 2000 m², assembly hall with an area of 1100 m², storage space with a size of 1000 m² and office space with an area of 700 m².

Values and goals

Our goal is continuous growth in key markets, with the intention of becoming a major supplier for our business partners. We are committed to values that help us build strong relationships with partners based on trust, reliability and quality of results. Our employees are the most valuable capital of a company. We try to provide them right conditions to be motivated, effective and loyal, thus contributing to the fulfillment of common goals.

Spanner SK, k.s. values represent principles that are recognized and guided by all our employees. The result is a corporate culture based on trust, teamwork and a responsible approach to the work activities and colleagues.

We pay an attention to build a QMS (Quality Management System) to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The main principles of the established system are personal responsibility for the work performed, care of the quality of the final product and effective use of resources.

We have implemented QMS ISO 9001:2015 as a commitment to constantly increase the efficiency of the quality system. It proves our ability to provide products in accordance with relevant regulations and customer requirements. We have the Certificate EN ISO 9001: 2015 in conjunction with EN ISO 3834-2: 2005 Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials.

We have Certificates of Competence to provide practical teaching in the system of Dual Education at the workplace of practical education.

Certificate number: 870/SDV/SOPK/2020, issued by the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry on October 19, 2020, valid until October 19, 2027.

Certificate number: 2414/SDV/RUZ/2022, issued by the Republican Union of Employers on September 13, 2022, valid until September 12, 2029.

Complex production management is provided by an ERP system based on barcode registration, that provides online monitoring and production planning. The created QMS in production and all implemented tools help us to improve the quality of processes in the case of customer complaints.

The company’s motto “Partnership for the future” right captures our goals of quality. We focus on long-term partnerships with customers, where the maximum attention is give on the quality and complexity of services provided.

Significant milestones

  • 2005 – Establishment of the company SPANNER SK, k.s. in Povazska Bystrica
  • 2006 – Start of production of pressed parts for automotive
  • 2008 – The first welding workplace and the beginning of the production of boilers
  • 2010 – Production capacity 2,500 boilers per year
  • 2014 – Decision for the reduction of boiler production and transfer of capacities for production of cogeneration units
  • 2015 – Moving to own hall with an area of 2000 m²
  • 2016 – A fire destroyed the production hall completely
  • 2017 – Construction and relocation to a new production hall on the place of the original hall, a modern production and storage space, an expansion of the office space
  • 2018 – Massive investment to the sheet metal processing technology
  • 2019 – Implementation of a production ERP system and investment in a TruBend 7036 press brake
  • 2020 – Launch of two own products on the market – Disinfection gate and Smart disinfection stand Stela; New automated welding robotic workplace Valk Welding
  • 2021 – Investment in the construction of a new assembly hall with an area of 1100 m²; The second automated welding robotic workplace of Valk Welding
  • 2022 – Investments in sheet metal processing technology in the form of a new Trumpf TruBend 5130 X press brake

Cooperation with the Sister´s Company Spanner Re2

Spanner Re2 operating in Neufahrn, Germany, employs more than 70 employees who are involved in the development and production of cogeneration and thermal units. Mechanical production in Považská Bystrica is ensured by highly qualified employees, while the Slovak company’s turnover exceeded 6.7 million. € in 2022.


  • Spanner SK, k.s.: Complex production and services, sheet metal processing, welded assemblies and assembly units
  • Spanner Re2 GmbH: Development and production of cogeneration and heating units